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10 May 2024 2024 Spring Conference: Sustainability and Climate Change
16 Nov 2023 2023 Fall Annual Meeting and Conference
24 May 2023 MEGUG 2023 Spring Conference
28 Oct 2022 2022 Fall Annual Meeting and Conference
11 May 2022 MEGUG Drone Mini-Conference and Mappy Hour
23 Mar 2022 Trauma Informed Emergency Management Graduate Certificate and Future Professional Master's in GIS (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
25 Jan 2022 Remote Sensing Inventory and Monitoring of Maine’s Forest Resources (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
7 Dec 2021 Tidal Marsh and Seagrass Mapping with Maine DEP and MNAP (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
16 Nov 2021 MEGUG 2021 Annual Meeting (Virtual)
5 Oct 2021 Monitoring Regional-scale High Latitude Landscape Shifts using NASA Landsat and MODIS (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
21 Sep 2021 MEGUG Lunch and Learn: Virtual Reality and Archaeologists: An Immersive Partnership for the Ages
22 Jun 2021 The Sewall Company Aerial Photographs Collection at UMaine Special Collections (Virtual Lunch and Learn)
25 May 2021 GIS to Inspire Transparency & Trust in a Municipal Setting (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
13 Apr 2021 Analog GIS in the Digital GIS Age: A Municipal Archive and its Interconnection with the Modern Digital GIS Mapping of a 389-Year-Old City (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
9 Mar 2021 Remote ID for Drones: The Challenges and Opportunities for GIS and Surveying in the FAA’s Coming Flight Rules (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
9 Feb 2021 Glory, Glory Pareidolia: A Method for Addressing Gerrymandering Using Topological Rather Than Geometric Means (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
12 Jan 2021 If We Can't Do It, You Don't Need It - Rob George, Director of Market Research for Rite Aid (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
8 Dec 2020 High Resolution Land Cover and Forest Mapping Products for Maine with NOAA (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
10 Nov 2020 MEGUG Annual Meeting w/Presentation from Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife on StoryMaps & Eagle Recovery
13 Oct 2020 Mapping and Tracking COVID-19 Data (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
17 Sep 2020 New Datums in 2022 (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
30 Jul 2020 A Review of Updates to the Maine GeoLibrary Data Portal Interface (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
10 Jun 2020 Virtual Lunch & Learn: Maine Climate Council Working Group Updates
21 May 2020 GeoLibrary Update on Geospatial Data for 2020 (Virtual Lunch & Learn)
20 Oct 2019 Annual Fall Meeting and Educators Conference @NEARC

Vendor/Exhibit Space: All Gold level Sustaining Members are allotted exhibit space at every fall (annual) and winter meeting at no extra charge. All other vendors can acquire exhibit space for $150 per event. Contact the MEGUG Board for details, to sign up, and to inquire about space and equipment/electrical needs.

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